In my off time I do small projects such as websites for friends and family, most of them are done through WordPress with a lot of custom code and editing. This way I can maintain the accessibility of having an existing CMS but can edit the layout and design to the needs of my customer.

Mike van den Broek, one of my near friends, but also an entrepreneur in the freerun community. To spread his message and promote his work he needed a website, together we designed the site and wrote the content to inform his customers. Mike’s website is available at:

Marcel Klompen is an entrepreneur that makes customized furniture and interior. To promote his work and sell his work he wanted an accessible website that would showcase his work, have a store and easy options for contact. We created a site with all three of these, the store’s backend is managed by Woo-commerce giving Marcel the full access without me helping him. The projects are showcased in large galleries with the option to add text. Marcel’s website is available at: