Thoms Terrain is a tool for level/map creation within Unity 2D made for designers and artists, therefore keeping it simple and usability instead of advanced features. The focus of the project is flexibility within the objects that can be placed and a simple user experience. Placeable objects at this moment of development are: sprites, 9-sliced-sprites and prefabs. With these three the user can easily create map within seconds of use. The system can be easily expanded due to it’s generic architecture allowing for later expandability of eg. river generation, painting of behavior and scripts. The project is compressed to a single dll file and leaves the user with xml files and assets, therefore the user has no dependency to the plugin and can even edit manually.
This project is my graduation project and took me a good 4 months, I graduated that year with excellent grades. For version control I used Github which I used to manage 3 trees of development: release, beta and development.