Vreeswijk, a shipyard located in Vreeswijk, around Utrecht. Not only do they patch up older ships but also function as a museum of the older boating industry from the Netherlands. Being assigned with my team the museum wanted an interactive installation simulating the experience of being of a ship, but still being a game, thus attractive for the younger audience. Our team, being game developers and not installation builders knew this would be quite the challenge to do well.

After a long design process we settled on a design where all of our qualities would come out best in the end product: a game within Unity with a slick looking art style. The game is based in Vreeswijk, the canal-city, with the shipyard as its center. The player controls a ship with a big water canon allowing to interact with the people and objects within the world. The game is filled with funny characters, missions and sounds (created by our friends at Manglemoose). The game is meant to run continuously giving us the challenge to create a game flow where players would feel progress but also could leave at any moment.

We developed our game for an installation on location in a real cockpit with a real steering wheel and gearstick! Just to assure the ultimate boating experience!


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