During my summer job at Little Chicken I was put into the Kenteq Craft team, a project that specializes in simulating mechatronica for educational purposes. A previous iteration of Kenteq Craft was around a Resato Waterjet cutting machine, the program is an almost acurate simulation and is meant for students to be able to practice before maintaining and working with the real machines. The current iteration of the project was based around the OOI, which is a training and development fund for insulation.

In the OOI project the user has to isolate a metal dummy frame. This can be done by ordering materials, measuring your working spaces and modifying your materials, but also placement of materials and the order of work. Due to the recording and play-through options of Craft a teacher can record his ways and manners of doing such a task, the student then has to play through this with simple hints teaching him about a professional workflow. Since the Craft is a simulation it is beneficial in both distribution of time and in material costs.

During this project I learned a lot of new techniques since Craft is meant to be modular and therefore programmed with certain software architectures. The user interface was done with Coherent UI, which is a plugin that allowed us to develop all interface elements based on a HTML5 approach. Using Coherent meant we could use HTML, CSS, JavaScript and frameworks such as AngularJS. The main architectural design behind the program was done with IOC, inverse of control. This was new for me, but I picked up working with a IOC mind-set pretty quick.