Little Chicken Game Company develops and publishes applied and serious games. They are experts in the field of e-learning and gamification, working with big brands such as ING and KLM. I had the opportunity to do an internship with them in my 4th year at the HKU. Here I become a junior developer within a team of 4 programmers and multiple artists working on a big game for the ING, a dutch banking giant. The project is meant for developers that work at ING, teaching them more about big-data cluttering and action-reaction based principles within their field. The game is meant to be a city, simulating incoming data request that need to be fulfilled by your city. The game contains scenarios, challenges but also a free-city mode where the player can tinker around. Being a simulation program, the game allows the player to use real-life data and models to simulate situations.

As a junior developer I had to chance to learn from the best, but also implement work without supervision, giving me a feel for development as done by the industry. The project is created with Unity in C# following a MVC design pattern. During this internship I learned that I love creating juicy and spectacular user interfaces, part of this comes from the fascination for scalable solutions. Following example was designed by someone else but developed and animated by me: